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Skład Juventusu Turyn w sezonie 2005/06.

1 Flag of Italy Gianluigi Buffon
12 Flag of Italy Antonio Chimenti
32 Flag of Italy Christian Abbiati
2 Flag of Italy Alessandro Birindelli
3 Flag of Italy Giorgio Chiellini
6 Flag of Croatia Robert Kovač
7 Flag of Italy Gianluca Pessotto
14 Flag of Italy Federico Balzaretti
19 Flag of Italy Gianluca Zambrotta
21 Flag of France Lilian Thuram
27 Flag of France Jonathan Zebina
28 Flag of Italy Fabio Cannavaro
4 Flag of France Patrick Vieira
8 Flag of Brazil Emerson
23 Flag of Italy Giuliano Giannichedda
11 Flag of the Czech Republic Pavel Nedvěd
16 Flag of Italy Mauro German Camoranesi
20 Flag of Italy Manuele Blasi
24 Flag of Uruguay Ruben Olivera
9 Flag of Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimović
10 Flag of Italy Alessandro Del Piero (k)
17 Flag of France David Trézéguet
18 Flag of Romania Adrian Mutu
25 Flag of Uruguay Marcelo Danubio Zalayeta
Flag of Italy Fabio Capello

Zespół Primavery
15 Flag of Italy Domenico Criscito (D)
43 Flag of Italy Claudio Scarzanella (P)
44 Flag of Italy Michele Paolucci (A)
50 Flag of Cuba Samon Reider Rodriguez (A)
52 Flag of Italy Andrea Pozzato (P)
60 Flag of Italy Claudio Marchisio (C)
--- Flag of Italy Sebastian Giovinco (A)

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Juventus turyn sezon 2005 06

Juventus Turyn w sezonie 2005/06.

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