Liga Mistrzów 2004/05: Djurgårdens - Juventus 1-4

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Liga Mistrzów
Djurgårdens Sztokholm - Juventus Turyn 1-4 (1-2)
Gole: Del Piero (10),Trézéguet (34,86), Nedved (54)- Arneng (19)
Djurgårdens Sztokholm: Tourray - Concha, Kuivasto, Storm, Karlsson, Arneng, Johansson, Johannesson (62.Dovicovic), Bapupa (46.Barsom), Hysén, Stenman (77.Makondele)
Juventus Turyn: Buffon - Birindelli, Thuram, Montero, Zambrotta, Olivera, Blasi, Émerson, Nedvěd (87.Kapo), Trézéguet, Del Piero (81.Zalayeta)
Żółte kartki: Karlsson - Birindelli, Thuram

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