AS Roma - Juventus Turyn 2-5
Gole: Vucinic (11), Mexes (25), Trezeguet (29,34), Iaquinta (66), Del Piero (78), Zalayeta (90)
AS Roma: Buffon - Birindelli (27.Zanetti), Andrade, Criscito, Molinaro, Salihamidzic, Almiron, Nocerino, Nedved, Iaquinta (72.Zalayeta), Trezeguet (61.Del Piero)
Juventus Turyn: Doni (62.Curci) - Cassetti, Panucci, Mexes, Tonetto (79.Sonetto), Aquilani, Brighi (77.Nonda), Taddei (46.Barusso), Giuly (62.Alvarez), Vucinic (46.Esposito), Totti
Żółte kartki: Andrade, Brighi, Mexes, Aquilani - Nedved

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